Problems with access or you have access but are unsure what to do next

Do you have access yet?

If you are a new student or a student returning to obtain a certificate or additional degree after an absence, you will receive an email when your account is created or activated.

Newly admitted students must have accepted admission before they will have access to E*Value. It may take up to 2 weeks after acceptance of the admission offer for you to be given access to the system.

Are you using the correct web address to access E*Value?

Existing students or students that have received notification that their account is active should be able to login to E*Value. You must use the address below to login to the system. If you searched for E*Value on the Internet and found their public web page, are using a previously bookmarked address, or are using your browsers autocomplete functionality when typing in the address, you may be trying to login using the wrong address.

If you bookmark E*Value, make sure the address you bookmark is the above address. Do not bookmark the login page you are redirected to after you have entered the above address into the address bar. It won’t work later.

Are you using the correct web address and still having problems?

  1. Clear your browser’s cache: How to Clear Cache in Every Major Browser. If you are using another device or browser, search the web for details on clearing the browser cache. Knowing how to do this will come in handy.

  2. After you have cleared your cache, close your browser (all tabs and windows) and the browser application if applicable.

  3. Use the following address to access the appropriate login page (see the section above for details):

  4. The login page should look like the image depicted below. You should be able to use your myUTH/applyUTH user id and password to login.

Are you seeing the UTHealth login page but getting a “Login failed, please try again.” error?

If the login page does not look like the image below, chances are you can resolve your issue with the information outlined in the sections above.

If you are seeing a login page that looks similar to the image depicted below but you see the failure message shown in the image when you login, you may need to reset your password. Click the Change Password link on the page to reset your password using UTHealth Self Service Password Reset (SSPR). If you haven’t registered for SSPR, contact the help desk. The help desk hours and contact information should be located beneath the login button.

Are you able to access E*Value but you are unsure what to do next?

Immunization and certification requirements are not displayed under Urgent Tasks or Tasks on the E*Value home page when you login. You must navigate to the Manage Personal Records page:

Home (tab) > Other Tasks (link) > Manage Personal Records (link)

Please see the CSON E*Value web page for instructions and a section outlining how to request a review of your records.